Latin America practitioners discussing key issues about bus systems

Participants of the the 3iBS Roundtable

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Alongside the UITP Bus Conference in Rio, key experts of innovative Bus systems from Latin America met on 5 November for the 3iBS Roundtable to exchange experiences and success stories and to discuss together key regional priorities and main solutions. After the 3iBS Roundtable during the 60th UITP World Congress in Geneva in 2013, which gathered experts from around the globe, it was the first regional event for Latin American experts from the intelligent, innovative and integrated bus system project 3iBS and other key stakeholders of the bus community. The main solutions came from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico or Ecuador.

The meeting focused mainly on research areas such as level of bus services, strategy for energy efficiency and management on bus systems and inter-modality of buses with other private and public transport modes.

The participants provided a very interesting comparative analysis of the bus systems in Europe and Latin America, pointing out issues specific to their region. Although there are many difficulties to overcome, such as rapid, difficult to accompany by public transport growth of the cities, low quality fuels, price barrier to introduce new technologies, culture of BRTs and lack of professionalization of traditional bus operation, the 3iBS Roundtable concluded that public transport is now politically supported since cities are heavily congested, therefore the opportunity for improving public transport systems shouldn’t be lost. Some positive results can be already seen, e.g. reduction of the travel times from 3 hours to 50 minutes in Rio thanks to BRTs or introduction of a serious training programme for ecodriving in Argentina.

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