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Our global standing is on the rise as the UITP Academy adds two new training centres

  • Communication
  • Customer service excellence
  • Integrated mobility

The UITP Academy goes from strength-to-strength with the opening of two new training centres!

UITP is a truly global association.

Our network stretches across all parts of the globe, and it continues to grow with each passing year.

This undeniable international presence enables us to better connect the sustainable mobility sector and promote greener, healthier and more accessible cities all over the world.

Now home to 1800 members in 100 countries, we’re an old association, having existed since 1885.

UITP is of course only as strong as the people who make the association what it is, and with more than 140 dedicated staff in almost 20 countries, we work side-by-side with our global membership to move the sector forward.

With that reach, comes a lot of responsibility, and by collaborating with all public transport stakeholders, UITP can continue to develop and grow.

Now as the New Year takes shape, we’re once growing as an assocation…

With new regional bases and new additions to the UITP Academy, there’s no stopping UITP!

In order to best address the needs of our growing international membership, we’re establishing a larger presence in new and existing countries on the UITP global map. 

Today we’re focusing on the growth within The UITP Academy – which hosts our training programmes.

Delivered by expert managers and leading industry figures to ensure the highest possible quality of teaching.

We’ve extended that collaboration this past year with the launch of two new training centres in Moscow, Russia and Santiago, Chile, in partnership with Moscow City Government and Metro De Santiago.

We’re pleased to work with two strong regional players to bring new information to the world!

Moscow and Santiago join our regional training centres in Hamburg, Germany, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Istanbul, Turkey, Karlsruhe, Germany and Shenzhen, China in partnership with HOCHBAHN, transdev, CONSORCIO TRANSPORTES MADRID, MARMARA MUNICIPALITIES UNION, TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe and Shenzhen Bus, respectively.

“I’m proud to see the growth in our training centres as we welcome two new additions to the UITP Academy. Working in collaboration with our partners at Moscow City Government and Metro De Santiago shows the global reach of UITP. With leading industry figures at the helm, we’re able to ensure the highest possible quality of teaching. I know that training the sector develops the amount of knowledge and expertise available among our member companies, and I’m pleased to see Moscow and Santiago join the regional training centres already established in six countries.” UITP Senior Director Kaan Yildizgoz told us. 

Speaking of new progress, our first training course in German will be hosted with our local partner in Karlsruhe on Public Transport Fundamentals! Jetzt registrieren!

UITP will always continue to develop, but never forget our core message along the way: moving people around our cities. And you can’t do that without the staff and members who make UITP what it is.

Next week we will bring you news on new UITP offices around the world!

And in June of this year, UITP will reach a very special birthday as we celebrate our 135th Anniversary…

So with that special moment in the line of sight, we thought it was time to take a closer look at our global standings in 2020!

Where are we in the world? See our global map!

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