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Safe and innovative cities: Let us introduce you to PREVENT PCP and PRECINCT

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This month, UITP joins two security research projects

The topic of security in public transport is critical as operators and authorities globally are trying to win back the trust of passengers, get people out of their cars and using sustainable mobility once more. But nothing can break that trust like breaches of security, from cybersecurity to the threat of terrorist attacks… 

This month marks the launch of two EU-funded research projects, PREVENT PCP and PRECINCT. Continue reading to find out what innovative solutions we are developing to ensure safe and secure urban mobility…


Obtaining innovative solutions through public procurement

What is now unfortunately a global threat, much has changed and developed in public transport operations since operators and authorities have prioritised and searched for solutions to predict and prevent terrorist attacks from taking place. But for passengers, this often equates to mass service disruptions and fear. How can operators avoid these disruptions while still identifying real threats?

UITP has been involved in research and development around this topic, firstly with the successful project, PREVENT, and now with its successor, PREVENT PCP (PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced  systems to support security in public Transport – Pre-Commercial Procurement). 

With the launch of this pivotal project, we have spoken with UITP’s Security Committee Manager and Project Manager for PREVENT PCP, Anne Mordret, to discuss what the project is about, the benefits of pre-commercial procurement and working with other stakeholders for the development of a technological solutions that will provide an answer to a common challenge.

Hi Anne, please can you start of by telling us what the PREVENT PCP project is about?

PREVENT PCP is a research project which aims to augment security in public transport through innovative procurement of technological solutions. During the first PREVENT project, we worked with a range of public transport security stakeholders who identified the common challenge which is:

1. Automatic and timely detection of potentially dangerous unattended items in or around public transport and its infrastructure.

2. Identify and track the perpetrators.

3. Advanced crisis management system.

But, of course, although some of these technological solutions already exists on the market, they do not fully answer the common challenge identified. Having stakeholders join forces to build them through innovative procurement is a real incentive as these will be build from scratch to meet end users need and they will be funded by the EU.

PREVENT PCP will be using pre-commercial procurement, a form of innovative procurement, to develop and prototype the solutions in three stages: Solution design, Prototyping and validation and demonstration in an operational environment. This will be led by public procurers with the support of public transport operators, authorities security stakeholders as well as law consulting agency for all issues related to ethics and data protection (GDPR) to offer their guidance and perspective. 

What is the value of using pre-commercial procurement? 

It’s a win for all! It enables both economic and societal benefits for the public good through supporting public procurers, such as public transport operators and authorities to develop innovative solutions to societal challenges. The process enables procurers to identify the public need, test new solutions with prototypes  and buy the development . In Pre-Commercial Procurement, public procurers buy R&D from several competing suppliers in parallel to compare alternative solution approaches and identify the best value for money solutions that the market can deliver to address their needs. This means that the sector will be able to modernise public services faster, through a better use of public resources with higher quality products.

More specifically with PREVENT PCP, we have defined common needs and will challenge technology vendors to come up with new solutions. Together with various partners, all with the same goal to improve security for the public, we will gather information to understand potential solutions, help each other to minimise the risk of failure and in turn this creates an atmosphere of trust. By the end, we will have created real solutions!

We will gather information to understand potential solutions, help each other to minimise the risk of failure and in turn this creates an atmosphere of trust. By the end, we will have created real solutions! 
Anne Mordret
UITP Security Committee Manager and Project Manager for PREVENT PCP

What kinds of actors are involved in the project? 

I really believe one of the strengths of this project is the range of actors involved. Most importantly, we have the public buyers group which are made up of operators and authorities, and who are providing the financial commitments so that we can develop the innovations. Then, we have law and enforcement agencies, technical advisors, legal advisors, social advisors, contracts and practitioners’ community leaders. Each of these actors will really help to advance the project with their expertise.

UITP is a part of the practitioners’ community and is building a user observatory group of European-wide experts and practitioners to ensure that the technology will fit the needs of the end users. 

Interested in joining the User-Observatory group?

and keep an eye on developments on the PREVENT PCP page


An ecosystem protecting our critical infrastructure

Protection of critical infrastructures to keep our societies going are at a daily threat from cyber-physical attacks and natural hazards. Protection of such infrastructures is becoming more complex with smart cities and climate change. PRECINCT aims to connect private and public stakeholders in a geographical area to a common cyber-physical security management approach which will provide a protected territory for citizens and infrastructures. 

UITP will partner with some of the best minds in the security field for this project, with the goal of developing an ecosystem for safe and resilient cities.

Sounds interesting? Stay updated on the PRECINCT page

Mobility innovates life

We are looking forward to seeing how both projects develop!

Mobility is for life and the transport sector must continue innovating to ensure safe and secure means of travel for everyone.

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