Sustainable development for cities and expanding public transport at WUF9

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UITP was pleased to attend the 9th session of the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (7-12 February 2018) to join forces with sector colleagues in order to advance sustainable cities and expand public transport.

Thousands of national, regional and local governments, non-governmental organisations and others committed to a programme of action on global cities - as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targeting an expansion on public transport.

UITP took part in a number of high-level political sessions organised by the urban branch of the UN body charged with this forum. This informed the outcome of the Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Cities 2030 - the international community’s commitment to localise and scale up implementation.

UITP is a driving force for implementing the global sustainable development agenda.

Several countries have committed to a programme of action on public transport and UITP is leading the way in terms of accelerating action under the Declaration.

The most important outcome of the Declaration stresses on numerous occasions the need to advance monitoring and reporting mechanisms on the SDGs on public transport.

“National governments have committed to a target to expand public transport under the SDG agenda. No global data exists on how national governments are progressing on this target. Meaning they can’t measure, so they can’t manage and support UITP members deliver on the pledges that governments have committed to.  It is therefore essential that we harness the transformative power of UITP member data in support of the global sustainable development agenda”, said Philip Turner, UITP Sustainable Development Manager and European Expert Sustainable Mobility.

It is essential that UITP continues this momentum in such an important policy area, enhancing the monitoring and reporting of the urban agenda and SDGs on public transport.

The Declaration also calls on the importance of the local levels capacity to deliver. UITP is well placed to deliver this through our world class training programmes, ensuring that the sector delivers efficient and accessible public transport and mobility systems. UITP delivered training programmes during our time at WUF9, engaging with SPAD in order for them to better achieve the new urban agenda and more.

“I think the World Urban Forum is important from the perspective that all relevant players are coming to it. I saw Capacity Building getting more attention day-by-day by many actors and realised once again UITP's essential role in the support of the public transport sector, with different programmes under the UITP Centre for Training. Without proper capacity building, we cannot achieve Sustainable Development Goals. I believe that UITP is well placed to offer more for the next World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi in 2020”, said Kaan Yildizgoz, UITP Training Director.

UITP’s time at WUF9 also included the launch of our #PT4ME at WUF9 – in collaboration with the World Bank and SPAD (Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat/Malaysian Land Public Transport Commission) - to advance the safety, security and accessibility of women in public transport.

Watch our powerful video for the #PT4ME campaign below!

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