Take a taxi. Call a cab. Hit the app. Find the synergy in the sector during our Taxi and Ride-Hailing Event

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We’ve all taken a taxi. We’ve all called a cab. And since its 2020, we’re assuming you’ve all hit up an app.

There’s no doubt we’re familiar with the different ways to bring a ride to your door, work or current standing location.

But do you know the ways in which traditional taxis and the new mobility players work side-by-side within UITP?

Allow us to take you on a journey (no need to pick up your phone for this trip - well you will need to make a trip to join us in Karlsruhe, Germany for the Taxi and Ride-Hailing Conference and Exhibition  but we’ll get to that in a minute!)

But first, a little history.

In December 2017 when the new mobility players joined the international UITP family, they began to find their home alongside the traditional taxis within our global house.

Fast-forward to 2020, and taxi operators and ride-hailing providers have joined forces for their very own UITP event: The Taxi and Ride-Hailing Conference and Exhibition (Karlsruhe, 3-5 March 2020).

As the only event to represent both sectors, UITP and messe_karlsruhe are inviting you to take a ‘Smart Personal Ride’ to Karlsruhe, Germany.

The Conference and Exhibition will take place at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, running parallel to IT-TRANS:  get familiar with the official brochure and the programme!

UITP will bring recognisable names to the stage as we share expertise with an international audience…” UITP Senior Director Kaan Yildizgoz told us.

We’re all used to the choice of new mobility players offering a first and last mile option to compliment the mass transit that keeps our cities moving: but where do they sit alongside the traditional taxis in urban life?

Examining the challenges that will be faced by the sector in the future, decision makers from transport authorities and recognised taxi experts will share their knowledge and interact with visitors.  

With Free Nowthe Commerical Passenger Vehicles VictoriaVia Transportation, Dubai Taxi Corporation and Netlift on board, you’ll hear speakers from Germany, Australia, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Canada…with more to come!

Offering an excellent opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and learn about smart solutions with leading experts from across the globe, this is the only event of its kind.

What’s the future of taxi transportation? How do we achieve operational excellence? What’s the balance on regulating taxis and private-hire vehicles? You’ll find out next month in Karlsruhe!

We’ll also be discussing new mobility innovations, innovative vehicle design and the taxi and sharing economy.

There’s also more…

During the three day event, you can participate in our Innovation Guided Tours and Technical Visits with Daimler, the City of Stuttgart and RIDECELL, to name but a few.

Our partners are also coming from far and wide, and include the Australian Taxi Industry Association, BUNDESVERBAND TAXI, Taxi Europe Alliance, the International Association of Transportation Regulators and SUOMEN TAKSILIITTO.

Interested? Thought so!


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