UITP and TRK join forces to build a stronger culture of innovation in public transport

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Keeping up with our efforts to promote and foster innovation in urban mobility, we are pleased to announce that UITP has signed a Mobility Innovation Partnership with Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion (TRK).

“The city of Karlsruhe has a well-deserved international reputation as an area of great innovation in the mobility field. UITP has always recognised the importance of cooperating with leaders in technology, and by launching the UITP‐Karlsruhe Mobility Innovation Partnership with Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, we’re continuing that commitment”, explains UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani.

Home to a powerful network of partners from industry, chambers, science, politics and public administration, Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion has a strong focus on joint developments of innovative urban mobility and public transport solutions. “The TechnologyRegion is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s showcase regions for modern mobility – especially at the interface between individual and public transport”, said Frank Mentrup, Mayor of Karlsruhe and Chair of the organisation’s Supervisory Board, as well as a member of our Mobility Champions Community.

Innovation is not an end in itself, it is a mind-set that allows creativity and purpose to drive progress

With this partnership, UITP and Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion want to strengthen many years of cooperation and work together on more projects that contribute to advancing sustainable public transport. TRK will take part in the implementation of UITP Integrated Global Work Programme, supported by a new UITP liaison office that will facilitate knowledge transfer and the development of pilot tests. The partnership also includes the creation of a new UITP Regional Training Centre in Karlsruhe, which will contribute to strengthening capacity building in the public transport sector by enabling the combined delivery of both UITP and TRK GmbH training programmes.

Innovation is not an end in itself, it is a mind-set that allows creativity and purpose to drive progress” said Mohamed Mezghani at the signing ceremony of the Partnership agreement. UITP strongly believes in the importance of developing a culture of innovation within the public transport sector to make sure that sustainable urban mobility keeps moving forward.

On this note, keep an eye out for the publication of the new UMii (Urban Mobility innovation index) report coming out this May! Holding on to its mission to evaluate and identify key enablers for cities to foster innovation in their urban mobility services and systems, the UMii project team has been working on the analysis of five more city profiles: Cape Town, Budapest, Montevideo, Oslo and Vancouver. UMii will also be holding a session at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, where high-level international practitioners will discuss the findings of UMii and exchange on new ways to harvest innovation to deliver the next generation of urban transport services.

Read more about UMii and our other R&I projects here!

Discover our PTI edition 1/2018 dedicated to innovation (members only).

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