UITP at COP25: Delivering climate action with public transport

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I prescribe you a massive dose of public transport…”

When UITP launched our 'One Planet, One Plan' climate action campaign, we knew that our message for the decision makers at COP25 would be clear: public transport should be at the heart of the global climate talks.

According to the United Nations, 55% of the world population lived in cities in 2018 - and according to UN forecasts this percentage will increase up to 80% by 2050.

Transport is currently responsible for about one fifth of the global CO2 emissions, so its clear that a lot of work needs to be done.

This week, UITP will be live on the ground at COP25 (Madrid, Spain, 2-13 December 2019) advocating for the major role public transport plays in delivering climate action. 

Led by our President Pere Calvet and Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani, the UITP team will coordinate, advocate and communicate throughout the proceedings during the transportation thematic events and discussions in Madrid.

From the official Transport Day, to our side-event with partners uic, meetings with Mayors and Ministers, to interviews with newspapers and on the radio, UITP’s message on advancing publlic transport will be heard loud and proud with our #ONEPLANet campaign.

Our #ONEPLANet ambassadors can be found at various stops and stations across public transport networks waiting to greet delegates and travellers with information on our global campaign! Check out our social media feeds for the pictures!

Public transport and climate action go hand-in-hand – and its time all decision makers implement what they already know into their climate plans.

We will be updating this news during the week with UITP events for you to follow!

Engage with our social media feeds @UITPnews and @UITPpress all week for major announcements and rolling news live from #COP25Madrid.

You can also get closer to the action with our LinkedIn blogs featuring the thoughts of our Sec Gen Mohamed Mezghani, who walked the talk by travelling to Spain by traincatch up on his journey!

UITP at COP25: the official press release is out

From our September launch until COP25, #ONEPLANet has captivated the sector…See who is on board!

Pledge your support today: oneplanet.uitp.org

It’s #TimeForAction

As one sign that awaits you at COP25 states…

the future depends on what you do today.


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