UITP delivers a Public Transport Development and Capacity Building Programme for Dar Rapid Transit Agency

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The UITP Centre for Training and Dar Rapid Transit (DART) Agency in Tanzania signed an agreement to support the Agency with a customised three-week training scheme on Public Transport Development and Capacity Building Programme.  DART Agency is a government institution mandated with the establishment and operation of Bus Rapid Transit System in the city of Dar Es Salaam.

Dar Es Salaam with a city area of 1,800km² and a population of more than 5 million has also the fastest growth of vehicles in the region estimated at 19.5%. In order to meet the continuous increase of travel demand and increase the level of mobility, DART is taking on the role of improving the quality of urban transport development in the city.

Adoption of BRT (Bus-Rapid Transit) branded as Dar Rapid Transit was a step in the right direction. This change introduced an innovative mobility strategy, which apart from improving the quality of service, has also improved the quality of life for city dwellers. The city shifted from a disorganised and unsatisfactory public transport system locally knows as Daladala to a much more modern and organised mass transportation system.

“DART is working hard to improve the quality of life and mobility lifestyle for its city residents. We share this goal with DART and are more than happy to collaborate in their efforts and offer our support for sustainable mobility developments in any way we can. The best way to build this new mobility culture in Dar Es Salaam includes properly training and preparing the staff at DART Agency so that they may continue to grow and succeed in their mission”, said UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani.

This training course is organised in the historical town of Bagamoyo, from 30 July until 17 August 2018 and will focus mainly on public transport fundamentals, the integration of public transport & urban planning and operations, planning and execution. The agenda also includes sessions on pricing and fare management, service quality management, ICT & smart mobility, BRT and bus priority schemes, bus network design and route planning, and maintenance and asset management.

Trainers include Darko Skrbinsek (South Africa); Joachim Bergerhoff (Oman); Alok Jain (Hong Kong); Jen Fongers (Netherlands); Gradimir Stefanovic (United Kingdom), as well as Kaan Yildizgoz (Belgium) and Emre Kiran (Turkey).

“DART Agency is responsible for addressing transport constraints in Dar Es Salaam city and our ambition is to produce modern and efficient public transport service to its inhabitants. We are now implementing the first phase of operations and one of our missions is to equip our staff with the required skills to perform their duties and ensure the growth of the Agency”, said Eng. Ronald Lwakatare, Chief Executive of DART Agency


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