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UITP Moves Forward on Data Sharing with a Successful Expert Roundtable

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  • New mobility
  • Sustainability

Expert Roundtable on Data Sharing

Alongside UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019, UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence (AP CTE) and Oxera Consulting organised an Expert Roundtable on Data Sharing in Stockholm on 9 June.

30 public transport and data experts representing public transport authorities and operators, industry providers, new mobility service providers and technology companies gathered for an intensive brainstorming session. Worldwide perspectives were shared with experts coming from Asia (China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore), Europe (France, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) as well as Australia, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

The Expert Roundtable started with introductory presentations of the preliminary results of the on-going UITP Data Sharing Survey by AP CTE and of Hong Kong inter-modal transport data sharing practices by Waltraut Ritter, Independent Researcher at Knowledge Dialogues. Then, experts were invited to discuss in small groups frameworks of data sharing in public transport focusing on the challenges of anonymising customer data and measuring the value of data sharing. Yet, the main purpose of the roundtable was to systematically review different data sharing business models where access to data can either be open, unilaterally, bilaterally or multilaterally restricted. Experts helped detail the benefits and unintended consequences of the business models on physical, natural, human, social and capital aspects of sustainability.

AP CTE is deeply grateful for all valuable contributions that made the Expert Roundtable a milestone in the insight collection for the research study Sharing of Data in Public Transport: Governance and Sustainability co-funded by UITP and Land Transport Authority of Singapore. The study continues as AP CTE is drafting case-studies that compile in-depth information on data sharing practices between stakeholders of a few cities across the globe (starting with London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles). In addition, AP CTE is calling for blogs and opinion pieces to help build knowledge on more complex questions on data sharing for publication on UITP Asia-Pacific website and in the study’s final report.

AP CTE needs public transport stakeholders and data experts to move data sharing forward in public transport. To get involved, please contact: [email protected].

To find more information about this research study, click here.

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