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"We are eternal learners and that is what moves us" - UITP Summit speaker Lenice Nunes

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How São Paulo Metro's Lenice Nunes is guiding the workforce of tomorrow

With 20 years of experience in Corporate Education, and expertise in the implementation and management of online courses in educational guidance, we are very lucky to count Lenice Nunes a speaker at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit. At São Paulo Metro, Lenice is the Knowledge Business Supervisor, managing the educational strategy for staff and developing various trainings programmes.

In Barcelona, Lenice will be speaking during the session, “Transferring public transport knowledge between the generations“.

Discover more about Lenice Nunes and the session on the UITP Summit webiste.

Using knowledge transfer to train and engage new staff and ensure service excellence

What exactly is transferring knowledge?

The transfer of knowledge is identifying how to share knowledge within companies between members of staff. Whether this is how to use certain tools or systems, or even how to work collaboratively across departments. What is key to the quality and  sustainability of the practice is decentralising it to several people so that the knowledge remains constantly evolving and favouring business continuity. 

How does this benefit and add value to the public transport sector?

It is very important to share and disseminate knowledge as it contributes to the entire transport sector. The knowledge is very specific and if shared and transformed through the exchange of ideas, it will remain in constant development, sustaining our business and streamlining solutions for our daily lives. Globally, the public transport sector is looking for new talent and being open to personal development and education will motivate people to join our sector. It is also incredibly important for our retiring workforce to share the knowledge and expertise with the new generation of workers.

What types of functions within the sector can benefit from knowledge transfer?

All areas and sectors can benefit! For example, here in São Paulo, we are always seeking to transmit technical knowledge and support other companies to solve common problems. 

Building a framework of supportive tools and personal experiences for happy, engaged staff

In your experience, what best practices offer the highest success rate? That is, an engaged and happy team

We realised through our experience of building training programmes and educational streategies that the greatest engagement comes from collaborative activities. Practically, small groups meet to exchange experiences, discuss different possible solutions and also when they can share learning. For this purpose, Unimetro has offered several courses, from Service Designer, Designer of the Future, Designer Thinking and UX. 

At Metrô de São Paulo we have this type of action in online meetings, community of practice, podcasts, events, among others. We also have a programme called the ‘Corporate Intelligence Programme’ where we hold monthly online meetings open to the participation of all subway workers. 

How does an organisation develop a culture of intergenerational knowledge transfer?

I believe it is due to the set of several practices and not just one action. But what stands out is always the opportunity we give for the exchange of knowledge. It is always very difficult to foster a company’s culture and make it change while maintaining basic knowledge for all generations.

A prime example is our Educator Leaders programme – where the most experienced transfer their experience and at the same time exchange ideas with the new generation to solve problems. We have several initiatives here at Metrô de São Paul to foster this culture:

  • For example, we have an annual event called “Knowledge Management Week”. It is an intense week of internal exchanges with attendees and speakers, but it brings fruitful and inspiring moments.
  • We also have the first innovation laboratory in the world in the metro-railway sector. This space provides the possibility for groups to think about new ideas, create and test prototypes.
  • We have a partnership with NIT – Technology Innovation Nuclei – to establish cooperation agreements with universities and advanced research centers.
  • Our internal virtual learning platform also brings us knowledge for daily operations. It has tools that support our business culture, for example with chat, forum, videos, reports, etc.
  • We support all informal learning, such as creating groups, communities of practice, etc.

Finally, what are you most excited to see and attend at the UITP Summit?

We are very happy for the opportunity to join the UITP Summit. What really excited us is to truly exchange experiences, hearing what universities have been doing and also being able to share what works here in Brazil. Here, at São Paulo Metro, we are eternal learners and that is what moves us!

Bright Light of the City

As the UITP Global Public Transport Summit draws closer, we explore the innovations, research, and the people behind our six themes.

This article falls within the theme of Talented happy staff. Discover the other themes and programme of the 2023 UITP Summit! The UITP Global Public Transport Summit is the world’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable mobility which brings together all transport modes, industry authorities and operators, as well as exhibitors.

Under the theme “Bright Light of the City”, access a wide range of thematic sessions, knowledge and networking opportunities in Barcelona from 4 to 7 June.

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