ZeEUS launches its E-Bus Observatory!

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With a growing number of electric buses of high capacity experiences around the globe today, time has come to closely follow electric bus deployment and to provide a global picture of the electric bus market in Europe.

The ZeEUS Observatory brings together the widest set of direct experiences with electric urban buses that are running or will run in the next years in Europe through the Group of Observed Sites.

A large collection of experiences has been kicked off this month through a survey. The selected experiences will be featured in the ZeEUS eBus Yearly Report and disseminated on the ZeEUS website.

Moreover, some selected Observed Sites will be able to participate in the ZeEUS Electric Bus Forum, sharing knowledge and practices with other cities while debating over the key relevant technological and operational aspects of their experience with high capacity e-buses.

If your city or company is testing high capacity e-buses, you can send this Memorandum of Understanding, duly filled in and signed in order to participate in the ZeEUS Observatory to pauline.bruge(at)uitp.org.

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