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Data Sharing Research Project

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Data
  • Development
  • Operators
  • Sustainability
  • Urban mobility

Data Sharing Research Project

UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence conducted a research project on: Sharing of Data in Public Transport – Governance and Sustainability (January 2019 – November 2020).

Research Objective

The aim of this project was to work with the global network of UITP to encourage public transport organisations to work with their peers across all stakeholders (authorities, operators and industry providers) to discuss and share data in relations to mobility by reviewing the current data sharing framework of various cities/countries and explore the sustainable business models in data sharing.

Project Scope

This project focused on customer data (non-confidential) and mobility data. Data related to assets and infrastructure management and any non-passenger related were out of scope.

Data & Insights Collection

The project involved more than 100 organisations from the public transport and digital sectors through:

  • A survey to help understand and describe the current state of data sharing in public transport.
  • Workshops with UITP Organising Authorities Committee (March 2019) and UITP Combined Mobility Committee (April 2019).
  • An exclusive expert roundtable on data sharing held on 9 June 2019 alongside UITP Global Public Transport Summit, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Detailed city-level case-studies on data sharing frameworks among key public transport stakeholders.
  • Blog articles published on UITP website and/or in the report from experts expressing their opinions on current topics related to data sharing.

This study demonstrated data sharing in public transport sector involves:

  • reviewing the appropriate data to share;
  • valuing data and monitoring the value, which allow different stakeholders to engage in mutually beneficial exchanges;
  • identifying where incentives are not aligned and addressing barriers to data sharing;
  • developing a data sharing culture with common standards and buy-in from the relevant stakeholders;
  • adapting to the changing preferences of consumers and technical possibilities; and
  • sharing data using a sustainable approach.

The Report includes an overview of the landscape, motivations and barriers in data sharing. It offers guidance towards a holistic data strategy including data governance, data sharing culture, the review of data sharing business models through the lens of sustainability. It also details some valuation methods that are relevant to value data sharing and provides an outlook on data sharing with insights on the latest and upcoming trends.


  • Research Report and Executive Summary available in November 2020.
  • Free webinar in November 2020 to launch the report and present the research findings.

For more information, contact:

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