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Policy Brief

Ready for MaaS? Easier mobility for citizens and better data for cities

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Providing door to door solutions

As the number and diversity of urban mobility services is rapidly growing across the world, it’s no surprise that Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is such a hot topic!

UITP has published a Report providing an overview on the topic by explaining what is it, how it works and who are the different stakeholders involved and their roles and expectations. It aims to show the complexity of setting up such an integrated mobility platform and key points that need to be addressed. Furthermore, the dedicated Policy Brief, ‘Ready for MaaS? Accelerating easier mobility for citizens and better data for cities‘ aims at giving authorities precious insights into the opportunities and measures to be taken to ensure it is managed sustainably and with the user in mind.

“MaaS should be a tool to steer travel behaviours towards more sustainable modes.”
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