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Travel for all - The commitment of European public transport

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  • Accessibility
  • European legislation
  • Inclusiveness

In our growing and increasingly fast-paced cities, access to public transport (PT) is a key factor of mobility and social inclusion. In this regard, the PT sector has an important role to play, to ensure that all citizens can move as smoothly as possible in their environment.

Ensuring the accessibility of urban transport is a big challenge, which the PT sector has been actively taking head on. While some transport networks are already fully accessible, and still striving to improve their measures by integrating the newest technologies available, many more are on the right path to provide fully accessible public transport.

With this report, UITP is putting forward the variety of solutions that the PT sector is implementing, across Europe. This document will be updated to keep up with the latest best practices, and will serve as a chronicle of the progress that is being made.


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