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Design & Culture

Travel Information Design, Signage and Wayfinding

6 > 21 Oct. 2020
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The concept

“Providing ‘Good Information’ is 50% of any Mobility Service”

The aim of this training programme is to provide attendees with a full overview of what is at stake in the building and maintaining of a travel information system focused on user needs and expectations. The programme will introduce and illustrate a practical toolbox of methods needed to actually design and deliver efficient wayshowing / wayfinding systems throughout the public transport user journey, organized in five main categories: space related information, time related information, orientation, service disruption, behaviour.

And Covid-19…

In the content of the current COVID19 pandemic, the programme will focus on how to improve existing public travel information / wayfinding systems to ensure relevance in a Covid / post-Covid environmentand will be combined with a workshop offering hands-on experience to participants.


Here’s what you will learn


  • Build an appropriate information design strategyto fit with the specific nature and any actual constraints of your network;
  • Build a rapidly-deployable intuitive and updateable wayfinding systemthat provides maps, information and travel advice in both digital and physical forms;
  • Design a passenger information system that keeps pace with an ever-changing Covid environment
  • Build a Covid World-relevant travel information master planwith a user centred focus;

The Online Training Programme will teach how to:

  • Make better decisions about yourinformation design strategy;
  • Better blend static and dynamicreal time informationinto your user’s journeys;
  • Build aCovid-robustwayfinding design systemto fit with the specific needs of your network;
  • Better manageservice disruptions;
  • Compare, Contrast and Benchmarkyour systems and processes against wayfinding services worldwide

Why choose an online course?

  • Interact with public transport professionals from across the world
  • Be time efficient, with 9 sessions over a 3 week timespan
  • Flexibility to join the sessions from any location in the world, at work or at home

A top level methodology

  • Get inspired by our trainers, understand the main aspects of way showing information design and learn from successful best practice
  • Participate to interactive plenary sessions with introduction by course leaders, presentation by trainers and open discussion with participants
  • Challenge your practical knowledge on the effectiveness and quality of information service provision
  • Address topics and issues from an international perspective, enriched by different cultural approaches and points of views
  • Participate in practical exercises ‘in the field’  allowing you to apply the principles and methods learnt during the training course
  • Benefit from a unique exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals

Who is it for?

  • In-house information designers, project managers, engineers and other professionals eager to learn more about passenger information design
  • Professionals with positions in passenger information and customer service departments
  • Staff from public transport operators or authorities eager to develop passenger information in their public transport networks
  • Staff from the industry worldwide involved in the market uptake of passenger information technology and design
  • Professionals interested in obtaining a wider and international perspective on passenger information design and eager to learn more from best practice worldwide
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