UITP in the press

 Over the course of its more than 130-year history, UITP has become the definitive authority on public transport and sustainable mobility.

With this reputation, comes the responsibility of providing press and media outlets across the globe with content. 

Public transport and sustainable mobility are our business and making sure that message is heard is the name of the game for our Press Office.

We understand the importance of engaging with the worldwide media to promote our news and advance thinking...therefore we're incredibly proud of the coverage our news, opinion, publications and events gather.

Here in the Press Room section of our website you will soon find regular updates on the coverage our communications output has gathered and the chance to see those publications alongside some interesting statistics.

This section may have been quiet for a while but we know that all of our #PressPassengers have been following the daily activities of the Press Office on social media.

Very soon, you will have even more content to read as the Press Office will soon be bringing you UITP press and media coverage on a regular basis. 

Print and Online. Newspaper and Trade. Old and New. Local and International. Our message reaches all corners. 

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, are you looking to engage with our Press Office? #JumpOnBoard by joining your fellow 5000 #PressPassengers on Twitter!


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