The IT architecture developed in the European Bus System of the Future project has paved the way to cost effective deployment of intelligent systems for public transport including on board public transport vehicles and backoffice applications, securing open environment and constant competition.

Based on these results, the ITxPT association (Information Technology for Public Transport) was created to further cooperate on the implementation of standards for plug-and-play IT-systems for public transport reducing cost and deploying standard for a full interoperability of IT systems.

In addition, an integrated test-bench (ITxPT platform) offers service to specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions.

The mission of the ITxPT Association is to support all the public transport stakeholders in deploying such standard IT architecture. The ITxPT Association leads a joint effort to feed, support, promote and contribute to the evolution of the standard EN13149 parts 7/8/9 and related backoffice standards. It works closely with the CEN/CENELEC standardization groups, particularly CEN TC278WG3 by providing returns of experiences from technical implementations on the ITxPT platform and in the implementation laboratory set up in the 3iBS project.

Being part of the Association provide outstanding benefits in terms of:

  • providing specific guidelines for including the IT standardized architecture in the wording of the tender for ITS purchase
  • making sure that your on board configuration is consistent and in line with standard
  • reducing cost related to ITS purchase and maintenance,
  • access to the technical platform for visit, demonstration, test validation
  • cooperation in specific working group,
  • being part of a common strategy,
  • implementing policy action on ITxPT.


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