Our Methodology

  • Interactive classroom sessions delivered by qualified trainers and public transport experts
  • Workshops with project assignment and case studies developed for each course, allowing participants to apply learnings
  • Technical and site visits with focus on innovation in the city
  • Continuous mentoring support delivered by UITP trainers, experts and staff throughout the course
  • Pre- and post-evaluation and knowledge tests
  • Job attachment: specific programme in which participants are sent to another company to meet with peers and learn how their job is organised in another company  



UITP is diversifying the delivery channels of training programmes through the introduction of online learning. The core activity of the UITP Centre for Training remains in the classroom, but E-Learning, in the form of virtual class room or online modules, offers new opportunities whether in complement to our existing training programme or as a new product. It can, for example, help establish contact with participants before and after the training and stimulate closer collaboration. It can also offer a service for companies which may not be able to afford the travel costs for their employees, or for example, target a very large audience including operational staff, at a minimum cost.

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