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Open-loop payment in public transport - Implementation Roadmap step 1

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The Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum has created a step-by-step guide

on how to deploy open-loop payment in public transport

Published by the UITP Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum, this Implementation Roadmap wants to support PTOs and PTAs through the planning, building, launching, and ongoing improvement of open-loop payment acceptance in public transport networks.

The new Roadmap focuses on the planning and design phase. Because before considering any technical challenges, it is essential to settle on your vision and concept outline first.

This means that the implications of open-loop payment on your business models and internal processes need to be considered first. Adoption should fit your organisational goals and ambitions for customer experience, and have the ability to grow over time, alongside (customer) expectations and developing technology.

Once you are clear on your vision, it’s important to understand the changes you need to implement and pre-requisites you need to put in place. In other words: you need a concept outline.

From tendering to launch

This Imlementation Roadmap is the first out of three publications. In the next two versions of the Roadmap, the Forum will provide guidance for the tendering process and considerations for system development and project launch. Stay tuned!

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