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Sharing of data in public transport: Value, governance and sustainability

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This report dives into all questions related to data sharing in public transport: What, when, why & how

The world is seeing an exponential growth in consumer and industry data, triggered by rapid developments in digitalisation such as an increase in the use of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and data-generating devices including smartphones and connected wearables.

There is a growing desire amongst all sectors, including public transport, to understand the value and opportunities that this explosion of data creates.

Data sharing can unlock new insights and lead to more efficient processes and new products. However, there are instances where certain types of data might not be suitable for sharing due to privacy, competition law or commercial
restrictions and concerns. In 2018, UITP discussed how the sharing of data can stimulate innovation. This new study looks deeper into the current state of data sharing in public transport, and discusses guidelines and recommendations for organisations that wish to understand the benefits of, and best practices in, data sharing.

The study’s Project Team consulted over 100 organisations from the public transport and other data sectors through an online survey, two workshops, a roundtable discussion and a series of interviews. In addition, a number of blog posts from experts on particular subjects are available on the UITP website.

The study was co-funded by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and conducted in partnership with Oxera Consulting

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