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Land Transport Authority

Traffic Management to facilitate Public Transport

24 > 26 Apr. 2024
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A classroom training on Traffic Management to facilitate Public Transport in partnership with LTA Academy

UITP Academy, in partnership with LTA Academy, is launching an on-site course on Traffic Management to facilitate Public Transport during 24-26 April 2024 in Singapore. The course will be 3 days including classroom sessions, international case studies and technical visit.

High urbanized world, the efficient and effective operation of public transportation systems is crucial for the well-being of our cities and the people who depend on them. As urban populations continue to grow, the demand for reliable, convenient, and sustainable public transportation options has never been greater.

However, managing traffic to ensure the smooth functioning of public transport systems presents a unique set of challenges. From congestion and infrastructure limitations to environmental concerns and evolving technologies, traffic management plays a pivotal role in creating a seamless, efficient, and accessible public transport network.

This training program is designed to equip transportation professionals, urban planners, and policymakers with the knowledge and skills necessary to address these challenges and develop solutions that prioritize public transport. Through a combination of comprehensive theoretical insights and practical applications, participants will gain a deeper understanding of traffic management strategies and their direct impact on enhancing public transport services.

Over the course of this program, we will delve into key topics such as traffic flow optimization, public transport infrastructure development, sustainable mobility solutions, and the integration of emerging technologies. By the end of the training, you will be well-prepared to contribute to the advancement of traffic management practices that not only ease congestion but also promote accessible and sustainable urban transportation systems.

Join us on this journey as we explore the dynamic intersection of traffic management and public transport, with the ultimate goal of creating vibrant, livable, and efficient cities for all.

Reach your objectives

  • Understand the Importance of Public Transport: Develop a clear understanding of the critical role that public transport plays in urban mobility, accessibility, and sustainability.
  • Identify Traffic Management Challenges: Recognize the specific challenges and obstacles that traffic congestion and inadequate traffic management pose to public transport systems.
  • Explore Traffic Flow Optimization: Learn strategies and techniques to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance the reliability of public transportation services.
  • Promote Sustainable Mobility: Understand the principles of sustainable transportation and explore ways to integrate eco-friendly options into public transport networks.
  • Leverage Emerging Technologies: Stay up to date with the latest technologies and innovations in traffic management, such as intelligent transportation systems, real-time data analysis, and smart traffic signals.
  • Enhance Policy and Planning Skills: Develop the skills necessary to formulate effective traffic management policies and integrate public transport planning into urban development strategies.

By achieving these objectives, participants in this training program will be better equipped to tackle the complex issues at the intersection of traffic management and public transport, ultimately contributing to more efficient, sustainable, and accessible urban transportation systems.


Participate in interactive sessions which includes an introduction by course leaders and open discussions with participants.

  • Exchange your current practices and experience with your peers
  • Each theme will be approached as followed:
    • Basic principles and conceptual approach
    • State of the art development and innovations
    • Good practices examples
    • Interactive exchange between participants and experts

UITP Training Programmes and all related processes are certified for ISO29990:2010 – the standard for learning services for non-formal education and training.

Who is it for?

This training program is designed to cater to a diverse audience of professionals and individuals who are passionate about improving public transport and traffic management in urban environments. It is especially relevant for:

  • Transportation Professionals: Including traffic engineers, urban planners, public transport operators, and traffic management experts who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in optimizing public transport systems.
  • Policy Makers and Government Officials: Those responsible for shaping transportation policies, regulations, and infrastructure investments to create more efficient and sustainable urban transportation systems.
  • Urban Planners: individuals involved in urban development and city planning who seek to integrate public transport solutions into their city’s growth and expansion.
  • Staff from industry worldwide involved in the market uptake in this area: ITS service providers, new mobility app-developers etc.
  • Staff of regional or national authorities in charge of the regulation of these ITS and new services, the development and application of policies and/or related framework projects
  • Professionals interested in obtaining a wider and international perspective on data driven ITS and new mobility services and eager to learn more from best practice worldwide

No matter your background or level of expertise, this training program offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you contribute to the enhancement of public transport systems and traffic management practices in your community or organization. Join us on this educational journey to make a positive impact on the future of urban transportation.

A good level of English is a compulsory requirement to attend the training.

Inspiring trainers

All UITP trainers are top level transport and mobility professionals with extensive experience in public transport and operations from different regions of the world. In addition, UITP invites guest speakers to illustrate specific solutions, practices, and case studies.


For enquiries, please contact [email protected]

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