The value of data for the public transport sector

October 2018

This Action Points paper highlights the necessity of the sector, particularly for Public Transport Operators (PTO) and Public Transport Authorities (PTA) to develop a data strategy, based on the cost and value, focusing on the strategic benefits of data. There are many ways to develop and monetise data-based applications whether by enhancing cost-efficiency or by developing new services. To do so, data is a key component and should be generated around the customer journey and smart asset maintenance, enabling incumbents in the mobility sector to be their own mobility disruptors. It is crucial that mobility stakeholders are not only able to compete against potential new market entrants, but also need a suitable environment to develop new business models and services.

UITP suggests a differentiated view on data governance and related regulations, as public transport is becoming a data-enabled or data-driven business and has to answer different local conditions. It does not aim to present a generally applicable solution nor to contradict previous UITP positions.

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